About Us

Prague Walks, Tours & Excursions has been in operation since 1995. We started out with one guide and one tour. Since that time, we have grown into one of the largest walking tour companies in the city. Some of you may have heard about us in Lonely Planet, or Rough Guide but most our business comes from word of mouth. We believe that we provide a high quality service for a fair price. We do that by focusing our energy on delivering high quality and entertaining walks, tours, and excursions in and around Prague. Of course, it helps that we like what we do - and we think it shows.

Our Guides

To that end, we have assembled a great team of guides. We look for fresh, upbeat, informative entertaining people that love to guide. We never use audio tapes or translators because we believe that live, spontaneous, human interaction is essential for a good tour. All of our guides are certified and have studied in the fields they guide. We understand that language is fundamental and insist that our guides speak the language they guide in fluently. Read some of our testimonials; people love our guides.

Our Routes

One aspect that makes our tours special is our routes. We have spent years refining the very best routes through the city so that we can give you the most spectacular and fascinating views, accurate historical information, and show you the hidden parts of Prague that don’t show up in the guide books. Our routes are not typical and we will go out of our way to show you something others miss. What sets us apart from the rest and that has stood with us all these years is that we are showing you our city, what we love about it, what we think is unique and special. Anyone can show you the highlights of a guide book, but for us its more – it’s personal.

Your Satisfaction

If you are coming to Prague for the first time and don’t know what to expect or where to begin, our tours are a great place to start. If this isn’t your first time, we have a lot of special and specific tours to choose from. And we are confident that we can show you a thing or two you haven’t seen before. If you still can’t decide, drop us a line, and we’ll get right back to you and help you determine the best package for your requirements. Whether you choose us or not, we welcome you to our city, and we wish your stay in Prague is as magical and exciting as ours was when we Prague Walks, Tours & Excursions first arrived over two decades ago.











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