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The Ultimate tour

Boat, Tram, Lunch, Drinks & A Great Guide..Simply The Ultimate


Schedule: Daily In English. At 10:30AM. All Year Round.

Duration: 6Hours

Price: 1500 CZK

The Ultimate tour of Prague combines the very best aspects of our individual walks and tours and is a perfect way for those short on time to experience our city at its very best. Providing the ultimate Prague experience is our intention and our rich program includes a relaxing river cruise and delicious lunch.

We start on Wenceslas Square in the heart of the New Town and continue with a

walking tour of the historical Old Town before joining our riverboat for a

cruise of the river Vltava, during which you are invited to relax over

complimentary drinks and take in the sights from a different perspective.

Following a tour of the mysterious Jewish Ghetto, we continue to a famous 17th

century restaurant where you will be treated to an excellent traditional Czech

three course lunch with drinks. After lunch we join our classic tram to take in

some of Prague's key monuments and enjoy spectacular panoramic views over the

city as we ride up through the picturesque Lesser Quarter before reaching the

iconic Prague Castle. A fascinating tour of the castle environs is concluded

with a short walk to the famous Charles Bridge, Marking the end of our

fantastic and fascinating journey.




Prague Underground tours

The truth is down there


Schedule: Daily In English. At 11AM,1PM, 3PM, & 5PM. All Year Round (Except Dec,24,25)

Duration: 1 Hour

Price: 400 CZK Student: 350 CZK

The Czech Republic is famous for its beautiful architecture, but There are not only the treasures visible on first sight on the streets. Beneath the town is another city, the one from before.

The tour includes the underground of the old city from the twelfth century, And

even older, the hidden rooms, corridors and cellars up to two floors beneath

the ground, 1000 years of history of the town, stories from the 2002-2013

floods and historical picture booklet.






Prague by foot and Boat

A leisurely one hour walk through the New Town, Old Town, and the Jewish Quarter, Followed by a chance to relax with a fine Czech beer and enjoy spectacular views along the Vltava, Prague's vital water way that flows through the city.

We will show you the highlights of these important districts, covering sights such as: Wenceslas Square, The National Theater, Old Town Square the Astronomical Clock, the Jewish Synagogues and many more.

We then set sail down the river where you will see many of the key monuments and sights from unique perspective. You can enjoy amazing sights whilst relaxing over a complimentary drink of your choice. A remarkable tour that provides a unique perspective of Europe’s "Golden City".

Tours Start: 10:30 AM - Daily, year round

Meeting Point: 56 Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske Namesti 56)

Metro stop MUZEUM (Red/Green line).

Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours

Cost: 600 Czech Crowns

Tickets: Available at the Starting point (the ticket office) during opening Hours or for online Reservation please click here


• Leisurely one hour walk through the New Town, Old Town, and the Jewish Quarter

• 1 hour cruise in full-service, air conditioned boat

• Spectacular views of the city from the unique perspective of the Vltava river

• Complimentary refreshments served on board

DISTRICTS:New Town ▪ Old Town ▪ Jewish Quarter ▪


Wenceslas Square ▪ National Museum ▪ National Theater ▪ Old Town Square ▪ Astronomical Clock ▪ Tyn Church ▪ Jewish Ghetto ▪ Bridge Tower ▪ Charles Bridge ▪ Metronome ▪ National Theatre ▪ Rudolfinum ▪





Daily Beer and Breweries tour

in English at: 6.30pm

(Exec. Dec. 23,24,25 & 31)

Come with us to taste unique home-brewed beers, visit truly local pubs, learn about Czech beer, its history, production and discover the traditional Czech Beer Culture.


- Visit to the local microbreweries and some of the traditional Czech pubs

- Beer history, beer making lessons, everything else You always wanted to know about beer,but were afraid to ask

- Free beers in the first 3 breweries and pubs on the way (optional beer tastings at the microbreweries)

- Your own free copy of the Beer-Guide, a Prague Beer-Map and a unique Czech Beer diploma

PRICE: 600 CZK / 500 Czk Stud.

DURATION: 1,5 hours+

Tickets: Available at the Starting point (the ticket office) during opening

Hours or for online






The Old Town and Underground after Dark

Summer Schedule: 1.Apr – 1.Oct (Daily At 8:15 PM & 9:45PM)

Winter Schedule: 1.Oct - 1.Apr (Daily At 8:15 PM & 9:45PM) Except Dec,24,25

In German

Summer Schedule: 1.Apr – 1.Oct (Daily At 8:15 PM & 9:45PM)

Winter Schedule: 1.Oct - 1.Apr (Daily At 8:15 PM & 9:45PM) Except Dec23,24,25 & 31

Duration: 1Hour

Price: 400 CZK Student: 350 CZK

Discover some of the secrets of Prague, hidden below the ground and within the narrow alleyways of the Old town. Beneath the town is an other city, the one from the times before. The narrow alleyways of the Old town and the former houses, dark rooms and corridors from the ancient times in the underground, hidden in front of Your eyes, will reveal the mystical and mythical side of this city when visiting them after the dark and with lanterns light.


- The unique evening atmosphere of the Old Town and its underground locations

- Stories from the 1000 years of history of Prague, secret societies, medieval alchemy and the Knights Templar, historical facts and myths, mysteries and cruel assassinations, hidden house symbols and dark secrets of the Oldtown

- A historical picture booklet about Prague and the city’s Underground areas





Daily Ghost and Legends tour


Daily in English at: 7pm*, 8.30pm, 10pm*

(Exc. dec. 23,24,25 & 31, 7pm tour winter season 1.Oct-1.Apr, 10pm tour summer season 1.Apr-1.Oct)

PRICE: 400 Czk / 350 Czk Stud.

DURATION: 1 hour

TICKETS: Available at the Starting point (the ticket office) during opening Hours or for online Reservation

Prague is regarded as one of the most haunted cities in Europe and a place full of legends and mysteries. Come with us on a journey to Prague after dark to uncover some of its medieval secrets and hear the thrilling and fascinating tales and stories from the old days performed by costumed guides.

Hear the tales and legends about the (in)famous medieval characters as headsman

Jan Mydlář, the dead bride from Ungelt, the monk murderer at St. Francis

hospital, the legendary Golem monster from the Jewish ghetto and many others.

Even though many of these cruel deeds happened already centuries ago, some of

the troubled spirits are still wandering around the city. So don’t forget, the

ghosts will be out there, definitely watching You !


- Dark and haunted alleyways of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter

- Execution and torture "workshop" in the Underground of Prague

- Ghost stories,tales and legends from the dark history of the Oldtown

- Your copy of the Prague Ghost-Guide with the Haunted Spots-Map



Contacts and Reservations


  • Opening hours - Václavské náměstí 9-11 / Malé náměstí 10-22